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How It Started

One day I listened to one of my role models talk about how he grew up in Haiti and the kids there had to play soccer with a ball made from scrunched up plastic bags because they couldn't afford a ball...or cleats for that matter. 

I thought about the extra soccer balls and cleats we had in our garage, and wondered if other families had similar soccer gear in their homes that we could all donate.


What We Do

Its really pretty simple. If you are interested in donating gently used soccer gear, contact me at the link below. 

I will put a donation bin out for your team, soccer clinic, school, etc.

Then, when it's ready to be picked up, I will come get the donations.

It's that simple! 

Play with your heart, not just your feet


A Little Effort...But Big Reward!

Our first community donations in October 2017 were 120 pairs of soccer cleats and 228 other soccer gear items like balls, shin guards and jerseys.

Since then, we have collected the equivalent of $158,400 (2,880 items) worth of new gear for GOALS Haiti and LHFC!

See the link below for more about GOALS Haiti. 

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